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Collision (Synced Collab) Collision (Synced Collab)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Overall pretty good, just a few things. First, there was one part where the stickmen had large heads and that kind of threw it off for me. It's kind of goofy and weird, which doesn't combine well with cool and awesome which is the vibe the rest of the animation goes off of. There's also the part with sprites instead of stickmen, and that had the same effect for the same reason. Second, kind of tying in with the first, it's better to stick with one style of animation throughout. Animator Vs Animation and Xiao Xiao didn't get famous by having different art styles in each animation, let alone each scene of the animation.

In terms of rhythm, the animation combines well with the song. Very well, in fact. The issue I have is that this is not a fighting song, it's a dancing song. It's kind of awkward to have triplet notes in a fighting animation, especially several in a row with short breaks between. If this were a dancing animation I'd have a completely different opinion, but some songs just weren't made to fight to. Admittedly though, if you were to make this into a rhythm game with new, more consistent animations and the same song, I'd probably play it and give it a pretty high rating. As an animation, though, not the best song, though not the worst.

Overall, a fairly good animation. The things mentioned above kind of put me off, but given a different song that works better with fighting I'd probably raise this to a 4 rating. Add in more consistent animation styles, and it'd definitely be a 4.5, which is the highest ranking I'm willing to give pretty much anything except the very very best.

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Hatena360 responds:

Thanks for the well constructed response! I had many styles and unusual figures because it was a collaboration open to anyone willing to partake. They may not fit in well, but they still did good with what I gave them. Thanks very much for the feedback :)